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-   Over 300,00 Fraternal Brothers & Sister Officers
throughout the United States

-   National ID Card

-   Grand Lodge Journal & Newsletters   

-   Informational Web-Site   (

-   Representative Lobby in Washington D.C.

-   Free FOP e-mail account

-   Available Retirement Health Savings Plan

-   Discounted "FOP member" Services available (Legal
Plan, etc)

-   Annual Peace Officers Memorial Service in
Washington, D.C.

-   Available low rate / no fee FOP Credit Card program
(Mastercard & Visa)

-   10% discount on GALLS Police Equipment and supplies

-   Scholarship Program for Spouse of fallen Officers

-   FOP University - discounted accredited degree

-   FOP Mortgage Program -  or

-   State ID Card

-   FOP Auto Sticker

-   $250 Accidental Life Insurance Policy*

-   Legal Consultation

-   30+ High School & College Scholarships
annually for members children*

-   Discounted Auto and Home Insurance

-   Low Cost NYS Defensive Driver Course*

-   Medical priority status at Memorial Sloan-
Kettering Cancer Centers

-   Discount Home Alarm System* (Slomin's)

-   NYS FOP-DMV License Plate Program

-   Badge Magazine and Newsletters

-   Informational Web-Site and Links

-   Local Lodge use of State Meeting Hall

-   Lodge Events, Picnics, Stock Car races and
Motorcycle tours

-   Amusement Park outings and Discount through
"Tickets@work program"

-   Avis and Budget Rental Car Discount through
"Tickets@work program" on FOP website

-   Available Dental & Optical Discount programs

-   20% Discount at "Joseph A. Bank" clothing and
apparel shops

-   NYS Law Enforcement Officer - LOD Death
Benefit* (Member & Non-member)

-   PC Richards Electronics - Members Only Discount

-   BJ's Wholesale Club - Members Only Discount

- Discounted Movie Tickets and Shopping
Programs (@
Workers Advantage)

-  Quarterly NYC Correction Lodge 89
*Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit -Active Members and Associate Members in good standing who have joined prior to age 63 and whose names are on file with
the Sate Lodge are eligible to receive a $10,000 benefit for members until the age of 70. The benefit is reduced to $5,000 after age 70. Coverage is on or off the job. All
applications must be signed by the member, and must have a photocopy of the members valid law enforcement identification card attached. Associate members must
provide a photocopy of a valid government issued identification card attached to the application. Failure to provide the identification will result in nonpayment of the
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit death benefit, and or Survivors Aid Death Benefit. The family of the member involved must contact the Lodge 89 Benefit
Coordinator as soon as possible. The insurance company must have all documentation by a certain amount of time after the event.

Survivors Aid Death Benefit - the Survivor Benefit for the beneficiary of a Member of the NYS Fraternal Order of Police who joined the Order before his/her 63rd birthday
and was in "Good Standing" at the time of death shall be as follows:

2-Notwithstanding the schedule listed in Section #1 above, any beneficiary of a Member in "Good Standing" who is eligible for, and receives, the Accidental Death Benefit,
shall not also be eligible for, or receive, the Survivor Benefit listed in Section#1

3-Nothing in section #2 above all preclude the NYS FOP Executive Board, in its discretion, from awarding a beneficiary of an expired Member in "Good Standing", with a clear
and present need, a temporary award. The amount of the temporary award shall be determined by the NYS FOP Executive Board, in its discretion, after examining the need
of the beneficiary. Said temporary award shall be recouped by the NYS FOP from the Accidental Death Benefit award when paid by the insurance company.

Financial Services
Beacon Financial Services  - The New York State Fraternal Order of Police  is now in partnership with Beacon Financial to offer exciting new benefits to FOP members in the
following areas:
Discount on Prescriptions
NYSFOP Group Dental Plan
NYSFOP Discounted Long Term Care
NYSFOP Group Life Insurance Plans
NYSFOP Discount Programs
Beacon Financial Services can shop the highest rated Life Insurance companies to find the best options for Term and Permanent Life Insurance out there. Contact Alicia
Stern at 917-693-4932 or Email: to schedule your complimentary financial consultation today! Private financial consultations are available
to you and your family at no charge. These include information on annuities, life insurance, college planning, mortgage acceleration, mutual funds and investments,
pension planning and long term planning.

Theme Park Discounts
Like to save money at Disney, Universal, Great Adventure, Sea World, Hershey Park, Sesame Place, Caesars. Pocono Resorts and others Savings include: merchandise,
admission tickets, accommodations, car rentals, airfare, and the entertainment book.

Annual Great Adventure Outing (State Lodge event)
Join in the fun with several hundred of your fellow FOP members and their guests at Great Adventure for admission to the two parks, all you can eat BBQ under the tent,
parking and return visit for one low price.

NCA - (National Computerized Agency)
a service designed to maximize your savings on auto insurance - because law enforcement officers are more apt to be experienced and safe drivers.

FOP License Plate Program
Members are able to order exclusive New York FOP License Plates designed to show your fellow officers that you are a proud member of the FOP. (You must be a member in
.Good Standing)

Product and Services Discounts
Members enjoy membership in the discount club and The Buyers Edge, along with discounts on home alarm systems, gun safety locks, cell phones and much, much more.

PLUS: Davis Optical Eye Plan, American Dental Centers Plan, AFLAC Cancer Plan, National, State and Lodge Membership Cards and Vehicle Decals, Newsletter and Mailings,
National Legal Defense Plan, Home Buyers Assistance, Defensive Driving Courses, National FOP Credit Card, State Lodge Scholarships, Lodge Website and Email, Member
Directory for Networking and Priority admission for members to Deborah Heart and Lung Transplant Center and Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Listed above is brief description of FOP Membership Benefits. When you receive your renewal application every September, remember to return it with dues immediately to
maintain your status and remain eligible for the insurance and these programs. Any lapse in membership may disqualify you or lead to benefits waiting period.
MEMBER TYPE         CONTINUOUS YEARS  IN GOOD STANDING                                      AGE                            BENEFIT
ACTIVE                                 1                                                                  Less than 63                $250
ACTIVE                                 2                                                                  Less than 63                $300
ACTIVE                                 3                                                                  Less than 63                $500
ACTIVE                                 4                                                                  Less than 63                $500
ACTIVE                                 5                                                                  Less than 63                $750
ACTIVE                          1 up to 5 years                                                    Age 63 or more              $250
ACTIVE                          5 or more years                                                   Age 63 or more              $500
ASSOCIATE                     5 or more years                                                      Any age                     $250
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